1.1 Contestants may be design students, graphic designers, plastic artists, photographers and graphic producers in general, of any age and nationality, having posters printed between April 2013 and February 2015, except for those submitting as Category D.

1.2 Contestants can submit for the consideration of the Selection Committee up to four posters or series of posters that can be considered as one piece. (with the exception of Category D which doesn't accept series).

1.3 Technique and format are free, except for posters submitted as Category D, which must be 70 x 100 cm VERTICAL. In Categories A, B and C the poster size format may not be less than 40 x 60 cms.

1.4 Posters submitted may participate in the following categories:

  • Category A Posters on cultural topics and activities.
  • Category B Posters on political and social issues.
  • Category C Posters advertising commercial events, products or services.
  • Category D Unpublished posters on the topic: HAPPINESS CULTURE WITH SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.

For Category D we will only accept original, unpublished, not previously printed or digitally published posters (including social networks, blogs, websites or other calls). The participant must reflect their point of view on the HAPPINESS CULTURE WITH SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY according to the topic preentation brief. The idea is to contribute, creating awareness, generating a consistent change and becoming generators of possible solutions.


Professionals and students in ALL CATEGORIES

  • Go to www.bicebe.com/SubmitPoster
  • Fill all required information in english or spanish only.
  • The designer must provide a valid and active email for future communications.
  • Upload your files in A4, JPG (8 compression), RGB format at 300 dpi.
  • Accept all Terms and Conditions.

Important: Double check your formats and resolution before submitting your work to avoid problems and system rejection. If you submitted everything correctly you will receive a confirmation email within the next 48 hours. Please send files only once.



3.1 Posters will be evaluated and selected by a Selection Committee formed by distinguished designers and experts in graphic design designated by the BICeBé.

3.2 The official annoucement of selected posters will be on MONDAY APRIL 20th, 2015 in our web and BICeBé's social networks.


4.1 In case of being selected, the designer AGREES —at the time of sending their digital file— to send TWO PRINTED POSTERS of each selected poster or do the transfer payment for the printing through WESTERN UNION with a price of US$45 per poster. Not complying with this term would mean automatic elimination from the selection.

4.2 The BICeBé will set up an Inscription Form, which must be printed, filled and stuck with masking tape (NOT GLUE) in the bottom right corner of each poster. The form must be filled in English or Spanish only.

4.3 The final shipment of the posters should be in a poster tube with edge protection and each poster to prevent damage. Damaged posters will not be accepted, so it is suggested to take care of the packaging in order to preserve the quality of their work.

4.4 Shipment information and address wil be provide to each selected designer by email.

4.5 The submission of printed posters must be made only by public mail services and EMS. BICeBé will not accept or pay additional costs and taxes of shipments made throughout private companies (DHL, UPS, FEDEX, etc).

4.6 The shipment must be sent with NO COMMERCIAL VALUE/SIN VALOR COMERCIAL declared and shall bear the phrase.


5.1 The responsible organizer is authorized to reproduce the posters submitted to the contest, in catalogs, exhibitions, promotional editions, electronic media, as well as promotional events of the Biennale whose purposes will be non-profit, respecting the credit of the authors.

5.2 All posters will become part of the acquis of the BICeBé®.

5.3 The organizers reserve the right to refuse the participation of posters that are considered offensive to morality or culture of any country and that of those who do not comply with the requirements of this solicitation.

5.4 Posters sent by members of the Jury or the Selection Committee could be selected, but not be included in the jury process.


6.1 The jury will be composed by a panel of prestigious guest designers who will determine the winners, during the week of activities of BICeBé 2015.


Categories A, B & C

  • First Prize Medal & diploma
  • Second Prize Medal & diploma
  • Third Prize Medal & diploma

Category D

  • First Prize $us. 4000.- Medal & diploma
  • Second Prize Medal & diploma
  • Third Prize Medal & diploma

BICeBé guarantees the payment of First Prize in Category D in person or by money transfer to the winner. The winner will be in charge of paying taxes in his or her country, if necessary.

BICeBé® will give a Special Prize for Best Bolivian Poster.